Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eugene Marathon

I took a slightly different approach with the Eugene Marathon.  Because of an injury-shortened training period, I concentrated on getting my mileage up, not on building speed.  So I went into Eugene with the goal of running at a comfortable pace and enjoying the scenic course.  Mission accomplished!

I finished in 3:36:52 (an average pace of 8:17/mile) and had a great time.  I was 680th of 2,565 finishers and 87th of 214 men 40-44 years old.

Because I ran at a relatively easy pace, rather than chasing a PR or a Boston Qualifier, I recovered quickly.

It was such an enjoyable experience overall, I'm eager to run a marathon "easy" like this again.  I've never been eager to run another marathon so soon after finishing one!