Thursday, April 19, 2012

Midnight Run

Sticking to a training schedule can be tough when you have an unusual (and occasionally unpredictable) work and travel schedule.  This often leads to less-than-ideal runs, like pre-dawn or before (or after) a long flight.

Recently, though, it lead to one of the most interesting runs of my short running career.  Because of some travel issues, I got into Miami late and had to be at work at 7:30 the next morning for an ESPN NBA game.  16 hours later when I got off work, I still had 10 miles to get in.

Dreading the next 80 minutes, I headed out the door at midnight local time.  I've run at night before and I run before sunrise frequently, but midnight is a different story.  Little did I know my hotel was in a perfect place for such an adventure.  Just a block from my hotel was the Venetian Causeway, which crosses Biscayne Bay and the Venetian Islands before hitting Miami Beach.

My route took me on an beautiful, scenic tour.  The weather was nice, too, 70 degrees with a breeze off the Atlantic.

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